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Katybar Locks STOP Crime. Made in the USA.
Katybar Lock Logo - 2-Point Lock Systems, two-point, Multi point Lock
Katybar Lock Logo - 2-Point Lock Systems, two-point

A Total Solution A True Two-Point Door Lock System

Inswing Door

Outswing Door

A true two-point door lock that preserves the complete full-thickness and full width of the door and locks fully into the frame only on both in-swing and out-swing single hinged doors.

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NEW 4,750 pounds of Resistance

The Katybar® is designed to Stop Crime!

Our device was newly  tested at an nationally accredited, independent test facility and according to the AAMA-1304-2 Forced Entry Test our lock far exceeded everyone’s expectations; resisting a force of 4,750 pounds held for 30 seconds and NO FAILURE.

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Cameras Provide Surveillance, NOT Security…

ONLY Hardware Provides SECURITY!

Katy Bar®Door Vault is hardware designed to STOP CRIME.

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Katy Bar® Vault is designed to STOP CRIME in Real-Time.

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Katy-Bar Designed to STOP Crime!