A Total Solution A True Two-Point Door Lock System


Inswing Doors

Katy Bar® Door Vault installs with a drill. No Mortising, Door Removal or Frame changes!

Katy Bar Door Vault is made ONLY in the United States with ONLY United States materials.

Inside Door View Unlocked

  • Meets the National Fire Protection Life Safety Code 101 for latches with the one-hand-one motion manual operation.
  • The button inside the handle allows the lock slider to move handle in either direction.
  • Pushing the button allows for smooth engagement of lock bolts into wall anchor.
  • To unlock, push button and slide handle in opposite direction for disengagement
    With Katy Bar® Door Vault unlocked, door will open fully 90 degrees.

Inside Door View Locked

  • Lock Bolts are 5/8 inch in diameter and made of U.S. Stainless Steel
  • Push Button locks Katy Bar® Door Vault in both locked and unlocked positions.
  • In Independent initial testing, our system has exceeded an astonishing 4750 lb force against a standard door with NO DAMAGE!

Outside Door View

  • Outer rail attaches to Katy Bar® Door Vault inside the doorway with 5 Stainless Steel 1/4 inch diameter bolts.
  • Outer rail is designed with tamper proof feature that can only be removed from the inside of the door.
  • This patent pending outer rail keeps the door from delaminating under force.
  • With this outer rail bolted through door, the Katy Bar® Door Vault will protect BOTH in-swinging and out-swinging doors.
  • For coastal residents and businesses, The Katy Bar® Door Vault will protect doors against Hurricanes that generate forces that are both positive & negative.

Match Your Door or Match Your Style

We have several different finishes available based on your taste. Using the latest Water Transfer Printing technology we can get some amazing Hydrographic looks that simulate several wood grain patterns that match many existing door finishes, carbon fiber, or paint finishes. We also have some really stylized looks to better match your own personal style. We also offer powder coating to match existing Architectural finishes. Shop the Vault Katy Bar® line to see colors that are currently available.

Everything’s Included

Industrial grade installation guides for proper, precise placement & drilling during the installation process.

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